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Q:  Why use Pickering Soccer Club Resources (e.g.: Turf field, Technical Training, etc) when there are plenty of soccer resources available to teams?

A:  The Kinsmen 'Power Turf' (for one) is a very important resource available to the club.  Both PSC and the City of Pickering spend a lot of money on the turf and other fields for member use.  The revenue generated from turf rental (along with other revenue generated by the club) supports our fields and also goes back to providing very important services to our members and community.   These include:

  • Coaches training and PSC hosted clinics like recent Coerver clinics, at highly subsidized cost or 100% reimbursed  for our coaches
  • Player development programs such as soccer camps (subsidized), technical training (very reasonable cost), classroom sessions (free), subsidized GK program
  • Events such as the Mayors Cup (at which our teams get a FREE exhibition game)
  • Awards such as scholarships
  • Subsidized fees for members with financial needs (All Kids Play; a PSC initiative) 
  • A pioneering special needs soccer program that is highly subsidized for the athletes and families of our community – which has huge benefits for the community.
  • And many other services/programs etc. that benefit our members, the community and your team.

If teams are spending their money outside of the club rather than within the club, they would be undermining all of these programs.  If all of our teams did this, year over year, PSC would have to close up shop – or at least scrap all of those subsidized services noted above.  Is it worth it?

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